Day 2 – 27 Falls

Back at the resort, after a full at Paradise Island, Christie grabbed her bikini, I grabbed my shorts, and we spent the rest of the day at the pool, close to the swim-up bar of course. Day 2 was going to be a full day at 27 Falls (27 Charcos) and we wanted to be sure we were fresh for our next adventure, so we chilled the rest of the day/night.

Day 2 started at 8:00a and as expected, René (R.V. Private Tours & Taxi) was there waiting for us at 8:00a sharp…and as expected, offered us a rum & coke. We only had a short 30-minute drive up in through the mountains to base camp. I took the picture below out through the window René’s van…it was something we saw a lot of  – trucks and mopeds piled high with goods and/or people.


Making it to base camp, we met our guide (Francisco – a young kid who’d been doing the tour for 5 years, with 3-4 tours a day). From there, we were fitted with a vest and helmet and started our 40-minute hike up the mountain. René hooked us up with a private tour, so we had time to enjoy the hike and not feel rushed getting back down the mountain. Francisco’s english wasn’t that great, but then again, our Spanish wasn’t either, but we all made the most of it. The one thing I remember about the hike was the diversity of plant-life. Francisco pointed out walls of long, thin cactus used like you’d use a fence to keep people out or livestock in, avocado trees, orange trees, cocoa plants, and of course mango/papaya trees.

The word “falls” is a loose translation of the Spanish word “charcos”, meaning pools, not waterfalls…so there are actually about 12 true waterfalls on the tour, the rest are pools of water, some ankle deep, some we actually had to swim through. We didn’t have time for the whole 27 falls tour (2 hours), so we opted for the 12 Falls tour. As we made it to the end of our hike, we walked up on a 10-ft waterfall. Francisco told us to best way to see the falls was to….jump off them!! Yep, we jumped/slide down the falls. There’s video here of me jumping off the 25-ft waterfall. With some of the falls, the water had eroded the rock in such a way that it made a chute/slide in the rock that we were able to slide down….a 5-10 ft slide with a 5-ft drop into one of the pools…




We waded/swam through some of the pools to get to the next waterfall….




At the end of the tour, we had a little time to play before heading back to base camp. The scene was picturesque, the water was a beautiful aquamarine color and it cool…


Once back at base camp, René was there to greet us – he’d been chillin’ the whole time we were on the tour. We made it back the van to dry off, change clothes AND grab a rum & coke. Can you see the theme here????? On the way back to the resort, we stopped at one of those roadside stands and grabbed some fresh fruit. With all our travels, I’ve always wanted to stop, so I’m glad we did this time around. We grabbed some fresh mangos (René showed us how to eat them without a knife and without getting mango juice all over us), I also grabbed a couple of bananas – still on the bunch, and 6-7 passion fruits. It cost us $2US. I’d always wondered where the locals get the fruits to sell. Is there a market they go to early in the morning, buy them cheap, then sell them at a higher price. Nope, there is such a surplus of these items in the wild, they forage for them and bring them back to their stand.

It was a beautiful day for that type of adventure. 2 days of amazing experiences and meeting some of the locals. René did us right for the second straight day. Our third day of excursions was going to be much more low key – a tour of Puerta Plata. We’ll have the next day to ourselves to sleep-in, get a workout on the beach, catch some rays, and just relax.

Day 3 is still to come.


Brown Cow



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