One week in the Dominican Republic for $30/night

oceanWhile you may think that it requires a lot of money to travel internationally it can be cheaper than staying at home. Case and point….in just two weeks me and my special man are packing our bags and are headed down south to the land of rhum and cigars. We are staying at a 3-star all-inclusive resort in an upgraded room in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. All food, drinks, and entertainment are included in this package that normally goes for $350/night BUT we scored this package for a whopping 30 bucks a night!

HOW, you say?

By being flexible and open we found this deal by using a travel website that curates great deals and pricing mistakes. Because it was a pricing mistake we had to book quickly and hope that the rate was still available. And lucky for us, it was!

While there are many resources for travel discounts out there, the one I used for this hella deal is called Travel Pirates. They have a Facebook page that you can follow and a website, but I recommend downloading the app to receive push notifications for travel deals and pricing mistakes. When a pricing mistake comes up Travel Pirates posts this important disclaimer which I totally appreciate:

IMPORTANT! This offer should be treated as an error fare, as these types of flights are extremely rare. We highly recommend that you DO NOT call the airline under any circumstances. You should ALWAYS wait till your tickets are confirmed before booking any accommodation or additional parts of your vacation. For more information please click here.

So, there you go adventurers. A sweet lil nugget of insight on how to live large on a budget. Have fun, live wildly, go with an open mind. Maybe we will see you on your next vacay.



2 thoughts on “One week in the Dominican Republic for $30/night

    1. No doubt! We thought it was too good to be true, but it actually worked. Although, if you use this tool in the future to book we recommend that you call the week of to confirm your res. if we hadn’t of done that, the hotel wouldn’t of had record of us prior to arrival. What a headache that would have been!


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